Saturday, 24 June 2017

War made by me


Yesterday was a quite tough day for me because i need to handle my emotions. A disaster happened and it all started by me in Ramadhan guysssss?? i'm so dumb.

First, i made whatsapp story and i pointed it out to specific people. Not forget about the status privacy but i don't know if the setting worked well or not.

People, honestly i cannot handle it any longer about the cleanliness issue in my house. Come on guys, if you, just you, concern about the cleanliness 24 hours, you boleh tahan ke? Because i have my limitation levels too. 

You're living with another 7 people, different background,style,behaviour.... it was hard! Dengan ada yang kepala angin tak boleh terima nasihat orang, dia je yang betul and cannot blend with other people style... haaa payah.

1. shoes were scattered. i've got a response "pahala free tu" like seriously i need to make it done by arranging them everyday? everytime we're back home after class? think. kasut you banyak kut, yang dah dapat tempat dalam cabinet, tak nak simpan pulak, nak jugak letak luar. sumbat je lah, that space is yours.

2. toilet cleaning schedule. weh people, you didn't have common sense aren't you? you know that week is your turn to do the chores? why were you didn't? suka ke lepas tangan? some of you never clean the toilet for the past 4months, surely. oh, and i know sama ada toilet tu dah dibasuh atau belum. kita sendiri pun dapat beza. 

*kalau rasa ada buat kerja, you don't have to be triggered lebih2 okay? simple. just say "ohh i did this, i did that" i will not put the blame on you. 

you know what, ada sorang yang mengaku yang dia pernah basuh sekali je toilet,suddenly something cross my mind, kalau sorang ngaku macam ni, habis, yang lain macam mana? her reason she gave me was, "others didn't follow the schedule, aku pun tak ikutlah" nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. panas dalam beb gua jadinya even tak tunjuk.

i never ask you to clean it everyday, just once a week. is that hard?

3. sampah. you know right the rubbish and waste came from you, you have to be responsible on what you've thrown especially food waste. Janganlah mengharap orang lain even 1 rumah. Same goes to the pantry. Lamaaaaa makanan tu atas pantry, and you expect your housemate to throw it away and again, the reason is because we're housemates? bullshit.

kadang2 tu aku ada jugak tegur, "weh polan...kau punya tu buang lah" you know how she reacted? "buang je pun" dengan  nada mengharapkan aku buang, sambil berdengus. senang je pun kalau buangkan (macam ni  la kut isi hati dia) pffft, but the problem is your responsibility! faham kan.

there's one day the rubbish start getting smelly. I WON'T THROW it because it wasn't mine. Kalau ibu bekalkan lauk udang, ikan... aku terus buang sebab aku tahu benda tu lagi cepat berbau. Housemate wasn't an issue then. 

readers, you may look this issues macam isu bodoh2 je.. tapi memang kebanyakan student yang duduk 1 rumah, akan ada isu ni. Berapa banyak dah orang screenshot issue dekat twitter. Ni belum teruk la.. baru sikit, you're already triggered. Hehh. As i said earlier, don't be if you do the work.

Actually, i don't want this issue lingering as i'm already apologize to them because of the whatsapp story. you know, when someone can't hold their feelings and they burst? that's how i am. luckily, it happened through whatsapp, i don't know what will happen if i burst physically. mesti semua tak nak kawan dah. sebab bila orang yang simpan pendam lama2 ni , burst dia terok. and i don't want that to be happen as i know the risk and how i will act in front of them. Kinda beast. 

Aku rela kena marah dengan diorang yang tak puas hati as long as they'll be more concern on what i want to deliver daripada simpan lama. Padahal memang dah simpan lama pun sebab aku cakap depan2 diorang buat tak endah, tanya rambut siapa berlonggok kat toilet pun tak ada siapa ngaku.
Hoping that this issue will be the turning point. I am sorry.

Salam ramadhan 29. :(((( 
Selamat hari raya.
Sadly, i end my ramadhan with an issue. But with no regrets. 


*do comment if any grammatical error.

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